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Computer Training Center

TSCH welfare establish a training center namely institute of Computer Information & Technology Centre (TSCH). They could not able to obtain computer training necessary for their engagement due to poverty.

Free Medical Camp

TCSH welfare organizes Free Medical Camp for the poor and needy children & helpless villagers with the help of Medical Team. The Experts and Specialist Doctors & Pathologist participated in this free medical checkup for poor and needy people.

Women, Health Child Welfare

TSCH Welfare have organized a relief Camps for man & women in the locality and importance the child development in their daily life. NA, organized a Free Health Checkup camp.


Unemployment levels are slowly decreasing but still remain unacceptably high. The crisis triggered an ongoing social crisis and the slow recovery is hampering efforts to reduce the high levels of unemployment.

Welcome to TSCH Welfare Society

TSCH Welfare itself implies Service and its primary thought process mindfulness among the poor areas. TSCH welfare Society trust is Non Government association (NGO). Its essential point is convey mindfulness program instruction to kids professional preparing to the ladies. Over the period to time we began concentrating on the advancement of poor and marginalized ladies. It something like “Written work isn’t care for painting where you include. It isn’t what you put on the canvas that the peruser sees. Composing is more similar to a figure where you expel; you wipe out keeping in mind the end goal to make the work noticeable. Indeed, even those pages you evacuate some way or another remain.” That’s the means by which the we as a whole combine hand to frame the TSCH welfare Society. TSCH welfare association was begun in 2006 and in Bihar and was formally enrolled in 2007 under the TSCH welfare Society Govt Regd, No 238/06-07.

TSCH Welfare Society Mission, Values and Motto

Child Health

TSCH Welfare Society helps the child health helps to know about the future development of the children. His Health helps the parents and the physicians to promote the health of a developing child and helps to prevent from diseases thereby safeguarding their health.

Child Health and Education

Women's Health

TSCH Welfare have organized a relief Camps for  women’s in the locality and importance the child development in their daily life. TSCH Welfare Society organized a Free Health Checkup camp for Women’s Health and child Development.

Women’s Health

Social Causes & Emergency

TSCH Welfare organized events & competitions in schools & slums to aware them about the benefits & need of education because education is just as important as the primary basic needs. Education enhances one’s knowledge.

Social Causes & Emergency

Padne Dein aur Badne Dein

TSCH Welfare Society Children’s mind is like potter’s clay. It has to be shaped in a right manner. A child normally has to enjoy its childhood days with its parents, teachers, friends, etc. It is the age where fine and long lasting impressions gather in child’s mind.

Padne Dein aur Badne Dein

Health and Survival

TSCH Welfare Society has Started in 2006 to facilitate poor children from the most marginalized, economically deprived families to support them for critical illnesses. The parents do not have a huge amount of money to spend on treatment of such illnesses. TSCH Welfare have help them for their good Health.

Health and Survival

My Daughter My Pride

Women are the most respectable entity in our society. A woman has always exhibited diversified qualities, in the different roles that she plays inher life – as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter and of course a source of inspiration. Every child has his right to enjoy his childhood.

My Daughter My Pride

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Our Testimonials

Priyanka Kumarifrom Bihar

Great Work for needy Child and Women's to live their live easily !.

Amit Kumarfrom Bihar

Very good work helping poor and needy people to grow in there life for better future and good education !.

Sumit Kumarfrom Bihar

Good work for needy people to live their life easily and better and grow there future !.